Common Party Buses Denver Questions

As you might imagine when considering any larger investment of cash for anything, there will be questions pertaining to the services and the product you will receive. While renting from us is not an investment in the literal sense, you are investing in us in the notion that you're relying on us to provide you with exemplary party buses or limousines with world class service to boot. Party Buses Denver gets that you work hard for your money. So do we! In light of that, we want you to rent from us in full and complete confidence that you'll be getting every bit of the service and perfection you both expect and deserve.

So, to make life a little easier for our potential clients, we've compiled a list of very common questions and answers that our representatives hear on nearly a daily basis. Perhaps your questions will be addressed here as well. If not, don't worry at all, our agents will have the answers you need, and will be happy to hear from you!

Do you have time requirements with regards to how long we must rent?
Depending on the time and date you will be needing to rent, we do require a minimum rental commitment during our more popular time slots. A quick email or call to our representatives will be able to yield you the most accurate and up to date information on this.
How do I figure out which vehicle is best for me?
Honestly, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work. It is also largely a subjective decision for you and your group. The first thing you want to do is figure out how much space you're going to need for passengers. If you're on a tight budget, you'll want to consider a tight fit and go right down to the person. So, if you have 20 people, get a 20 passenger. However, we do recommend (especially for weddings, when the outfits take up considerably more space) that you size up just a little bit to allow for more comfort and also to accommodate any late comers to the party... if this is a possibility. You're renting a party bus or limo for comfort and luxury accommodation. Having the most space possible will ensure that you and your group is most comfortable.
From here, your decision is entirely suited to your taste. Which vehicles overall appearance appeals to you the most? Which style vehicle do you prefer? How do you want the interior to look? The options are nearly limitless, and we have a great selection! If you haven't done so yet, we highly recommend you check out our vehicles page to assist in this endeavor. Of course, if you have any other questions, or would like to book... We'll be happy to hear from you!
Once I figure out which vehicle is best for me, how do I book it?
For that, we'll simply need you to give us a call. But, before you call you're going to want to have the following information handy for our representatives to be able to expedite your request... First, we'll need to know the date of your run. Second, we'll need to know how many passengers you'll need to accommodate. Third, we'll need to know the zip code of the city where the run will originate. Finally, we'll just need to know how many hours you'll likely require our services. With that information we can quickly get you an accurate to the dollar out the door quote!
Is our group allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in your party buses and limos?
Assuming everyone wanting to drink is 21 and legally able to drink, we welcome you to bring along your favorite adult beverages for your party bus or limousine trip with us.
Will you provide alcohol for us to drink?
No, we unfortunately are unable to provide alcoholic beverages for our customers. As mentioned above though, you're more than welcome to bring along whatever you'd like to enjoy while cruising around in any of our limousines or party buses.
Is our group allowed to smoke in your party buses and limousines?
No. We are not able to allow smoking in any of our vehicles at any time. This is done to preserve the newness and fresh air inside each and every one of our vehicles for each and every one of our clientele. We want to make sure our vehicles are in pristine condition each time they leave our garage.
This party bus was really clean when I got it, do I need to return it that way to you?
While we do expect to clean up our vehicles each and every time. We understand that floors will get dirty and that there will be a bit of trash after so many people have ridden in our vehicles. However, any thing deemed excessive in the clean-up area will definitely put you at risk of incurring an excessive clean up charge. Our representatives will be able to fill you in on the specific details pertaining to this policy.
What happens if we go over our pre-arranged time reservation?
As long as your overtime is not interfering with another clients reservation, you're welcome to keep the party going as long as you'd like! We'll simply keep billing you at your pre-arranged price.